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Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love, hearts,

Unconditional love

Unconditional Love is defined by Wikipedia as a term that means to love someone regardless of the loved one’s qualities or actions. The paragon of unconditional love is a mother’s love for her newborn.  I think a greater example is the devotion and dedication of a dog to it’s master.

Look at the dedication of a bear or lion to their cubs or any animal for that matter out in the wild.  While this blog is about the love for all creatures big and small I’ve come to realize that all creatures big and small have a lot to teach me about unconditional love and life.  I feel we can learn a lot from all of the creatures around us, all we have to do is be open and pay attention to the wisdom that they share with us.

Let’s take a look at how people and their pets live together.  A friend recently rescued a dog from the pound.  The dog had been abused and always cowered in the presence of others.  Over a period of time, because my friend understood what the dog had come from, and because my friend accepted and loved the dog, it allowed the dog to change.  It also changed my friend.  My friend became more aware of another creature’s presence and needs and responded to them.

Unconditional Love – Dogs are the only creatures in the world that choose to live in harmony with human beings.  Dogs have been with human beings throughout history.  Today, there are certain hospitals and convalescent homes where they allow dogs to come in and be with the patients and the patients improve because of the dog’s presence and unconditional love.  I heard recently where in a couple of hospitals autistic children are experiencing a similar type of result.  They are able to bond and make a connection with the dog.

What’s amazing about this is the depth of unconditional love that can be shared and given between humans and dogs.  What’s even more incredible is that these two creatures, a man/woman and a dog may have never met until about five minutes ago.  The dog instantly accepts the human being as a friend.  That is the devotion and unconditional love that a dog has.  They are amazing creatures.  I really feel dogs can help bring inner healing to us.

This reminds me of one of my favorite films, Dances with Wolves.  I love the dynamics between Kevin Costner’s character and the wolf.  Both of them were on their own until they found each other’s company.  The wolf has to learn to trust Costner and Costner had to be consistent in how he treated and responded to the wolf.  Costner needed company and the wolf needed to be fed.  They both had a hunger.  Do you notice any similarities here?  That is a universal dynamic amongst all living beings.  It was so beautiful how this played out in this movie.

Unconditional Love may be something that is hard to understand.  I feel if we are willing to open ourselves up to the possibilities that it gives us, wherever it comes from, we will be able to love creatures big and small.  After all, Love is All there is.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language ~ Martin Buber

Love & Miracles
Lori Moreno

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