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Transformation – A Spiritual Theme for 2012

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Marsha Collier, Lori Moreno,

Transformation – A Spiritual Theme for 2012 – I’ve been thinking about this lot. I’m grateful to have been able to attend several amazing, loving, inspirational and empowering spiritual events for the past several years. It’s been an incredible journey! There are five aspects that continue to resonate with me: RTLFG. What is RTLFG?

You are invited to continue to Journey with me on A Spiritual Theme for 2012. Let’s explore the second aspect:

Transformation – living and working out of your comfort zone will be challenged by change.

Let go to Your “What Ifs” and Begin to Live the Life you truly desire, no matter what Your Circumstances are. ~ Lori Moreno

If you ignore the challenge, eventually it’s going to come. You can only ignore the universe for so long and if you continue to do so, the universe is going change it for you. And I have to tell you, it’s going to be a wild ride if the universe takes over.

Today, no matter what happens, make your goal to be happy, and focus. Focused happiness will change/enhance Your Miraculous Life. ~ Lori Moreno

Make the change early, and make it now. Prepare. Transformation opens us to a scarce commodity these days: Love.

Stop looking at everything wrong. Look at everything RIGHT that’s led you to blessings and love. ~ Lori Moreno

Follow me as we continue to Journey and explore the 5 aspects of RTLFG as we grow together with our next blog on L = Love.

Love & Miracles

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