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Top 20 List of People from Arizona

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Top 20 List of People from Arizona, Lori Moreno

Top 20 List of People from Arizona

Top 20 List of People from Arizona – I’ve been blessed to have had the great opportunity to travel all over the world.  One place that I have also had some of my greatest experiences and fondest memories, that I treasure most, are with my awesome friends from Arizona.

Arizona is a great place that I continually return to.  For some reason, I frequently end up in Arizona.  I love the weather, the cuisine, Southwestern Art, the constant exposure to nature, the vibrant colors, the wonderful cacti and all the desert life: it’s endless.  More importantly, I love the people and my great friends.

Top 20 List of People from Arizona – Without further adieu I would love to share with you a special group of friends who I treasure.  Actually, I just counted them and my list keeps growing LOL I hope you enjoy them and take the time to tweet and read their profiles.  Don’t hesitate to tweet all of us and say “Hi.”

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno


(Listed in alphabetical order)

























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