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Top 10 Inspiring People – Part 1

Lori Moreno    Inspiration    1 Comment

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Top 10 Inspiring People – Part 1

Top 10 Inspiring People – Part 1 – I really took some time to think about this blog and especially the assembling of this great list of Inspiring friends.  I can’t imagine living day to day with nothing more than to merely exist.  All of us have our good days and bad days.  Thankfully I have some amazing friends that inspire and lift me up to be the best person I can possibly be.

There’s a Miracle in front of you, Just Look!
~ Lori Moreno

I feel blessed in many ways to have so many great friends who are very passionate and who live through inspiration and love.  These are friends who care, share, give and live to create a better Twitter and Social Media experience.

Every life is a story make yours a best seller.
~ Inspirational Saying

Top 10 Inspiring People – Part 1 –  I am thankful to each and everyone!  I believe that people who find great inspiration in the life around them and their family and friends are more likely to inspire others too.  With this in mind I decided to create a multi-part blog series to share my blessings with you.  I hope they uplift and inspire you as much as they have me.  Don’t hesitate to tweet any of these great friends and say “Hi”.  Above all, be happy and enjoy the journey.

Create a Circle of Love of Amazing Peeps who Empower You to Reach Your Next Level.
~ Lori Moreno

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno


(Listed in alphabetical order)
















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