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Starting a new

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Lori Moreno, Bryan Moore,Starting a new – Life is like a dessert tray, there are so many choices.  It’s a new year and the first day of your new life.  What are you going to do?  It’s time to stop living in the past.  It’s time to let go of your past mistakes.  It’s about time to stop the pity party, the blame game and the constant complaining.  It’s a new year and yes it’s finally time to do anything and everything you can to make your world and other’s a better place.  Ask yourself, what can I do today and everyday to work on myself to create the world I want to live in?

Open your heart to Love ~ A new world awaits you.
~ Lori Moreno

Your life is not about living in the past or being stuck in a dead-end job or a toxic relationship or even reacting as a 2 year old to a difficult situation.  Now is the time to step up and act like an adult with the playfulness and wonder of a child.  Starting a new is about being present right here, right now.  This is your life – this is your show and if you haven realized it yet you are the director.  Don’t get caught in the uncertainty or as I like to call it the static white snow between stations.

Do Your Work on You Financially, Spiritually, Physically every day.  You are CEO of Your Inner & Outer Health & Happiness ~ Lori Moreno

Starting a new – this year for me is about new opportunities and opening the door to more new adventures.  It’s time to get excited, lots of change is coming and now is the time to prepare.  It’s solely your choice.  You can either be scared and unprepared or do what’s best for your highest good.  It all begins with you, but, you have to take the first step.

Once you STOP blaming everyone for your problems &
accept responsibility for Your Life, Your Life will Blossom into Happiness. ~ Lori Moreno

Starting a new – It’s all about manifesting self-empowerment, abundance and change. Again, most importantly, it all starts with you.

Love & Miracles
Lori Moreno

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