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The Season for Being Grateful

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The Season for Being Grateful

The Season for Being Grateful

The Season for Being Grateful – Every year around the holidays, it is a great time to take stock in your life:  to open the aperture to full view and truly look at your life.  Sometimes I know this can be a little trying, but year after year I have found that by acknowledging the past and the present it has allowed me create to a bright future.

The Season for Being Grateful – I created an exercise for myself.  Everyday when I wake up I ask myself, “What am I grateful for today?”  Now my exercise has become a habit.

Ask yourself, “What are you grateful for?”  My sense of gratefulness has also instilled so much more hope in my life.  Now I can look at something that was quite challenging to me before and not feel so overwhelmed.  Just the fact that now I can assert myself and confront this challenge has made me stronger and given me a deeper sense of conviction.

The Season for Being Grateful – By living in a state of gratitude I have created a sense of momentum in my life that has guided and assisted me in accomplishing many things.The Season for Being Grateful – when you wake up tomorrow, ask yourself, “What are you grateful for?”

I am tremendously grateful for:

  • Being alive in these great times
  • The inspiration and courage that keeps me going!
  • All of my friends and family who have supported me through of the challenges of 2011
  • For all of The “Angels in My Life
  • For all the beautiful sunsets and sunrises
  • For all the blessings this blog has given me
  • For being able to experience and enjoy all the beauty this world has to give
  • For being able to share this with you and hopefully helping you in your journey

The Season for Being Grateful – Thank You all of my friends for your never-ending support of my blog.  I greatly appreciate your kind words and may you and your family be blessed this holiday season!

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno

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