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Love – A Spiritual Theme for 2012

Lori Moreno    Love  ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||   4 Comments


Love – A Spiritual Theme for 2012 –  I’m grateful to be surrounded by an amazing, loving, inspirational and empowering spiritual family of friends.  Life has been and continues to be an incredible journey!  There are five aspects that continue to resonate with me: RTLFG.  What is RTLFG?

You are invited to continue to Journey with me on A Spiritual Theme for 2012.  Let’s explore the third aspect:

Love – moving into your heart.  It’s important to remember that we are all connected and not separate beings.  We are all humans being.  Society has created a false illusion of division.

Surround Your Self with People who Empower You to Ascend to Your Next Level. ~ Lori Moreno

Each one of us has to make the decision to take responsibility to move, transition and transform to a way of living in a place of love. I feel this is a paradigm shift that opens the door to many deeper issues.

In Your Roughest Times, Find Your Deepest Peace. Work on Your Strength and Love Everyday. Be Around Love. ~ Lori Moreno

As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If we want peace, we have to be at peace with ourselves. If you want love, first, you must love and Love opens the door to Forgiveness.

Create Your Circle of Love with Those who “Get You” Stop wasting Your Valuable Life with those who don’t ~ Lori Moreno

Follow me as we continue to Journey and explore the 5 aspects of RTLFG as we grow together with our next blog on F = Forgiveness.

Love & Miracles
Lori Moreno

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