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Living in Love

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Lori Moreno, Living in love,

Living in love

Living in love – unconditionally every moment.  What does that mean for all of us who are involved in social media?

In so many ways, social media has changed my life and my perspective.  I’m grateful to have met so many wonderful people and made so many friends around the world via this platform of communication.  In “normal” life, the tendency is to develop cliques and harbor jealousies, but it seems in social media we attempt to move beyond that and become better people.  The whole reality of relationships and communication is working to make unconditional love more than just an ideal.  We are making it a reality!

This is my personal invitation to you to take it to the next level with me!

The question is, how do we live and keep going forward?  Some people may try to pull you into their drama or dramas and attempt to drag you down.  Again the question is not how you react to it, but, how do you live in love – unconditionally every moment?

In the last few years most people seem to be dealing with a lot difficult times.  But in all honesty, I feel that my perspective is changing.  Because of the work I do on myself daily, I’m making a shift in the way I see, approach and decide how to live my life.  It’s a life shift and I feel that until one does that, you’re stuck.  It’s like going down the same road over and over again.  Nothing changes and everything stays the same.

Why? Because you see it the same over and over and over. A shift is critical. Actually, it’s not only critical it’s the only way change can happen.

Living in love – unconditionally every moment – The first thing you have to be is you have to be open and aware and then willing to move into the change. Consider the shift. It comes to everyone.  Sometimes it’s longer, sometimes it’s shorter.

The reason it takes longer or shorter depends on you and your willingness to move into it.  If you are not quite ready, it’s longer.  If you are ready, it’s shorter.  The universe respects that.  Change is a marvelous thing.  Embrace it.

Many people might see these dramas or events as obstacles that throw them off the track.  I’ve reversed that as I have chosen not to see it that way.  Now, these dramas and people help keep me on the track.  Social media has challenged me and will challenge you to confront and see events the way you’ve always wanted to see them and maybe in ways that you never had the courage to before.  That is something I am quite grateful for and I believe you will too.

Living in love – unconditionally every moment – Change is a marvelous thing. Embrace it. Living in love is a gift – share it!

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno

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