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How to stay positive in the midst of negativity

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How to stay positive in the midst of negativity is a choice – your choice.  Everyone has choices.  Everyone has opportunities.  Sometimes I know it’s hard.  Sometimes it’s easy to fall into old bad habits.  But ultimately each and everyone of us has the choice, moment to moment, day to day, to decide to stay in your joy, to stay in the light of love and goodness.

The way is not in the sky.  The way is in the heart.
~ Buddha

You may ask yourself is the glass half full or half empty?  How do you view it?  How you view it is part of your perspective.  From my experience what I have found is it’s all about the way I see things.  To me, perspective is precious and a choice.

Do not think What If?  Live Now.  It begins with a positive thought and continuous positive Actions.
~ Lori Moreno

How to stay positive in the midst of negativity – In moments of negativity, I Stop and take a look around.  Sometimes I find when I am getting close to something good happening negativity tries to come in to test me.  Do I really deserve this?  Will it really happen?  Those are clues for me that negativity is knocking at the door.

Do not allow negativity or toxicity into Your Precious Life.
Only Allow Positivity and Love.
~ Lori Moreno

When I realize this, I take the time to re-focus and find my true perspective again.  It’s in these moments I find the opportunity and decide to make the choice to stay positive.  One must take responsibility for the choices they make.  I stay positive by looking around and being thankful for what I do have in my life:  my family, my friends and my health.

Stop Blaming. Become Grateful. Move Forward.
~ Lori Moreno

Life is a miracle it’s your choice to be that miracle.  Even if you are surrounded by rough weather, difficult circumstances, always remember to make the choice to stay grateful and full of love.

Always Focus on: What are You Grateful for?
Gratitude a daily practice
~ Lori Moreno

Love & Miracles
Lori Moreno

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