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How I do Twitter

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How I do Twitter, LORI MORENO, social media

How I do Twitter

How I do Twitter – This question comes up over and over again.  Here is my list of my Top 10 Twitter strategies for social media and tweeting.  Honestly, I call it social media as these strategies apply to all platforms, levels and layers within the social media landscape.

1.   LOVE = Share unconditional Love for Everyone = that is #1 for me

2.   I love to talk with Everybody.  Sometimes that can really be a challenge while having over 200,000 Friends, but given the amount of tweets I receive, unfortunately it’s not always possible.

3.   Compose Tweets and Blogs that inspire, motivate and enrich the lives of my Friends and anyone who reads them.  I love hear your feedback on blogs.

4.   Focus on current world events and technology – I guess you could say I’m kinda of a Geek LOL

5.   Supporting my Friends is very important.  Sometimes I use the RT button at will.

6.  I love to Retweet tweets that inspire, motivate and empower YOU

7.   Participate in Social Media events with a focus on travel, love, beauty, fashion, food/dining and communication with my Friends.  I also love to create my own social media events as well.

8.  Twitter is my quick daily journal and a mini version of my blog.  I love to share my experiences with Friends.

9.   Expansion:  I love to expand my circle of Friends all over the world.  Won’t you join me?

10.   Communicator/Connector:  I love to be a connector and bring people together with similar interests.

How I do Twitter – Most importantly have fun sharing, learning, making new friends and enjoy the journey!

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno

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  • Elizabeth Traub


    Lovely list Lori. Thanks for sharing, encouraging and inspiring with your story. Elizabeth


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