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Gratitude – A Spiritual Theme for 2012

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Gratitude - A Spiritual Theme for 2012, Lori Moreno, Julie Spira,

Gratitude – A Spiritual Theme for 2012

Gratitude – A Spiritual Theme for 2012 and beyond –  I’m grateful to be surrounded by an amazing, loving, inspirational and empowering spiritual family of friends.  Life has been and continues to be an incredible journey!  There are five aspects that continue to resonate with me: RTLFG.  What is RTLFG?

You are invited to continue to Journey with me on A Spiritual Theme for 2012.  Let’s explore the fifth and final aspect:

Gratitude – Gratitude accepting and being happy with where you are and with what you have right now.

Always Focus on: What are You Grateful for?
Gratitude a daily practice.
Lori Moreno

Gratitude is not about what if, it’s not about the future, it’s not about when this or that happens.

Notice Miracles.  May come in whispers or lightning.
The more grateful you are, the more you will continually fall in love with your life.
Lori Moreno

Gratitude is a genuine thankfulness and a degree of peace with one’s self in the moment.  Most importantly, when we learn how to Love, so then we learn how to be grateful.

Look around you and NOTICE all of the great things/peeps in your life!  Stay Grateful
Lori Moreno

Gratitude – A Spiritual Theme for 2012 – by taking Responsibility for our lives and our actions, we are able to Transform and be transformed as we open our hearts and move into Love and this gifts us with the ability of Forgiveness and Gratitude for everything.  I am speaking about personal and spiritual transformation.

Let’s get right down to the core of change.  Let’s stop for a moment and really think about all of this:  RTLFG.  Take some quiet time – some “Me” time.  You deserve it.  Remember RTLFG.

Stay in gratitude, no matter what.
Lori Moreno

Thank you for joining me on this fantastic Journey to explore the 5 aspects of RTLFG.  Let’s continue to grow together as we share these aspects with those that we love.

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno

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