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The Gift

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The Gift

The Gift – We all like a gift.  A gift is something that is free.  It’s, most of the time, something that is beautiful and even practical.  It is given out of love, care, consideration and joy; even, sometimes, out of necessity!  And, most of the time, it is something that benefits us, the receivers, in a way that opens us to a greater sense of being, of life and of appreciation.

To receive a gift we have to be open to accept it.  “To be open” requires a willingness to acknowledge our need, our hope, our very humanity.  We are not all powerful!  We are a vulnerable species.

The Gift of life is a precious gift.  With this blog I hope to increase your awareness to the value of this gift.  Many of us barely scratch the surface or delve into the greatness of this vast well.   Every moment is precious and every moment is a gift.  I would like you to tap into and explore this endless source of love and life that lives within us.  At times it can be scary but always a rewarding adventure.

Throughout the day, remind yourself of the gift of life that you are.  What if you lived this gift to the fullest?  What if you gave up your preconceived notions and fears?  What if you were happy?  What if you could not only give… but receive this gift?  And, what if you shared this gift?

In the cycle of life we hope there is a purpose and meaning.  Hope in itself is a gift.  To hope and search for the meaning of our own life is to begin our journey to our authentic self.  Recently I wrote blog entitled Gratitude is the Attitude!  This has always been one of my mantras in life.  Sometimes in the sea of life we get so caught up in living, we lose sight of the shore.

The Gift I was walking on the beach the other day and it hit me.  The gift – whether I acknowledge or deny it, it’s always there.  All I have to do is be willing to accept it.  Life is an adventure.  Let the journey begin!

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno

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