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Fun with Lori Moreno backstage @RickiLake Show

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Lori Moreno, Josh Sabarra, The Ricki Lake Show,

Fun with Lori Moreno backstage @RickiLake Show

Fun with Lori Moreno backstage @RickiLake Show with @JoshSabarra and @BryanMMoore – Being one of the founding members of the Friends of Ricki has been a real delight!  Check out the behind-the-scenes fun. Watch as @JoshSabarra preps Friends of Ricki Founding Member Lori Moreno for her Ricki Lake Show appearance.

Lori Moreno, Bryan Moore, The Ricki Lake Show,

Fun with all the Amazing Friends of Ricki! Love You!

Fun with Lori Moreno backstage @RickiLake Show – A Big thank you to Ricki Lake and her awesome staff.  Together they have created such a marvelous environment and a supportive and interactive community.  It’s so refreshing to be around an ever growing group of dynamic friends.  What a great experience it has been to be connected to a community that is authentic, energetic, supportive, fun and loving.  Social media has played a major part and it’s been such an honor to a founding member of this inspiring group.

Fun with Lori Moreno backstage @RickiLake Show  – I’m excited that this September Ricki Lake returns to TV with her all-new daytime talk show, The Ricki Lake Show.  Friends, you can join Ricki on her incredible journey back to daytime TV by visiting her Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/TheRickiLakeShow .  You can also tweet and follow her @RickiLakeShow on Twitter.
Fun with Lori Moreno backstage @RickiLake Show, Stephen Dimmick,

Fun with Lori Moreno backstage @RickiLake Show – If you would also like to join the “Friends of Ricki” community, the first social TV community of its kind, visit the Friends of Ricki Facebook page (here) https://www.facebook.com/friendsofricki and/or follow @FriendsofRicki  on Twitter.

Love & Miracles
Lori Moreno

Lori Moreno, Ricki Lake, Bryan Moore,

How To Connect On Social Media (#1 Tip from @RickiLake)

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