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Forgiveness – A Spiritual Theme for 2012

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Lori Moreno, Forgiveness - A Spiritual Theme for 2012,

Forgiveness – A Spiritual Theme for 2012

Forgiveness – A Spiritual Theme for 2012 –  I’m grateful to be surrounded by an amazing, loving, inspirational and empowering spiritual family of friends.  Life has been and continues to be an incredible journey!

There are five aspects that continue to resonate with me: RTLFG.  What is RTLFG?

You are invited to continue to Journey with me on A Spiritual Theme for 2012.  Let’s explore the fourth aspect:

Forgiveness – can be a very hard thing to do.  How have I not forgiven myself?  How have I not forgiven someone else?  It’s much easier to hold onto a hurt or a pain than it is to let go of it and forgive.

Forgiveness is a Gift You Give YourSelf
Lori Moreno

When we let go and forgive, it’s a whole new ball game.  Many people cling to these pains and sufferings and it becomes almost an identity.  To forgive is to transform to a whole new way of being.

Forgiveness will not change your past, but will absolutely empower your future.
Lori Moreno

Letting go and forgiving yourself and others for the past; accepting and embracing the present moment; preparing and transforming for the future:  This is Forgiveness.  I know it sounds like a tall order, it is, and it’s supposed to be.  Forgiving and letting go of the pain allows you to be free.  Ultimately we all yearn and need to be free.  Let go and forgive.

Forgive the one who has been the most difficult for you to forgive and enjoy Your Freedom.
Lori Moreno

Follow me as we continue to Journey and explore the 5 aspects of RTLFG as we grow together with our next blog on G = Gratitude.

Love & Miracles

Lori Moreno

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