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Angels in my Life

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Angels in my lifeAngels In My Life – Have you ever had someone suddenly come into your life and your life was radically changed for the better? Or maybe this person came into your life at the exact moment when you really needed help dealing with something? Or what about that person you met on the fly and suddenly you feel like you’ve known them all your life?; Isn’t it strange how this person quickly left your life as swiftly as they entered it? Or even better yet, as soon as the situation was handled they suddenly disappeared.

Does this sound familiar? Perhaps, you were visited by an Angel. The word Angel is commonly understood to mean a courier or a messenger. I feel that I have been blessed. There have been and still are many Angels in my world. No matter what I’m “dealing with,” I have learned to notice the miracles, angels and love and allow them into my life.

Allow Amazing People and Angels in Your Life, who Empower you to go to Your Next Awesome Level
~Lori Moreno

Angels In My Life – In someways I feel we are all Angels to some degree. I feel all of us have the capacity to be couriers and messengers for others in times of need. When we share our life experiences we can help others who have less experience and thusly help them make the necessary transition or take the next step. So in effect we can be couriers, messengers, guides, lights and signposts for each other. We all have the ability to shine and illuminate.

Your Head + Your Heart Acting in Unison = Gracefulness Love Life
Lori Moreno

So being an Angel is somehow contingent on the need to share and experience life together. Sometimes we don’t realize how much of an important part we play in each other’s lives. Life is an interactive experience of being: giving, receiving, living, caring and sharing. Sometimes we lose touch or get lost. Angels remind us and bring us back to our core: being human and the interactive experience.

Stay Grateful and Notice The Angels Blessings Miracles Love in Your Life.
~Lori Moreno

Angels In My Life – I am grateful for all of the Miracles and Angels in my life and hopefully I have been as good an Angel to others as many have been to me. Thank You to all the Angels who have made a difference in my life!

Love & Miracles
Lori Moreno

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