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Quotes from Lori Moreno

  • When You're Not Concerned about the Outcome and Just Enjoy The Moment, You Realize Your Life is Miraculous!
    ~ Lori Moreno
    Enjoy the moment
  • ░ F ░ A ░ L ░ L ░ in .·**•.♥ #LOVE ♥.•**·. with ░ L ░ I ░ F ░ E ░ .·**•.♥ #LOVE ♥.•**·.

    ~ Lori Moreno
    Fall in Love
  • Be Happy where you are.

    ~ Lori Moreno
    Be Happy
  • What choices are You making? What Life are You creating? Take the Responsibility to Create Your Magnificent Life.
    ~ Lori Moreno
    What choices are you making?
  • Miracles appear in ways you may not expect. Sometimes Whispers. Acknowledge & Accept them into your life w gratitude
    ~ Lori Moreno
    Miracles appear
  • * Believe * Manifest * Create * Own * Love * Your Success.

    ~ Lori Moreno
    Believe, Manifest ..
  • Continue Going Forward and Always Lead with Love.

    ~ Lori Moreno
    Go Forward
  • Live It Out Loud! ~ XOX
    ~ Lori Moreno
    Live Out Loud

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